How do I create an account and log in?
Please read getting started for instructions.

My password doesn't work!
You must type your password EXACTLY how you entered it when you created your account. Passwords are case sensitive. It is also possible someone has "hi-jacked" your account if your password is too easy to guess. Make sure you pick a good password.

Can you add an option to the forums to save my login/password so I don't have to log in each time?
Security concerns prevent us from adding this option. The forums use your account, which also does not have an option to save passwords for security reasons. The current option is the most secure way of handling accounts and passwords.

CD Keys

How do I get a Blizzard CD Key?
Your Blizzard CD Key is located on the CD case of your Blizzard game such as Warcraft III, StarCraft, Warcraft II Edition, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, or Warcraft III. You must have one of these games to get a Blizzard CD Key.

I don't have those above games can I get a Blizzard CD Key to post on the forums?
Unfortunately not. You must purchase a game with a Blizzard CD Key.

Are our Blizzard CD Keys safe?
Yes! CD keys are transmitted using SSL. They are protected by the same people that protect your CD Keys on the gaming service.

Are our Blizzard CD Keys stored as cookies on our computers?
No they are not stored on your computer. They are secure.

You said you would never ask for Blizzard CD Keys.
Blizzard games ask for your CD Key when you install the game. The forums ask for your CD Key to create an account and to allow access to additional forums. Individual Blizzard employees will never ask you for your CD Key. Do not enter your CD Key into any other web site that is not

Are you going to offer forums without CD Keys and Forum Accounts?
Unfortunately not. We cannot properly regulate those types of forums from offensive content.

Why must we enter our CD Keys on each computer that uses the Forums?
We require this for security reasons. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

It keeps asking for my CD Key after I've already entered it
Make sure you have javascript and cookies enabled. If you don't, it will cause this problem.

How can I enter all my CD Keys to unlock the forums?
The forum will ask you for a CD Key if you try to post in a forum without the required CD Key. You can visit each of the forums to get this prompt to enter your CD Key. We may in the future make this easier to do such as adding it to the account options as we did with the previous forums.

How can I change or remove my CD Key?
Delete your cookies.


How do I create a signature?
Log in, Click on the "Options" button, and enter your signature there.

My signature is invalid?
Try using a signature that is shorter or does not include special characters that are not numbers or letters.

How do I edit my posts?
Simply log-in to the forums and you'll see a button on your post to edit a post next to the reply button if you're logged-in.

How do I add HTML or BML to my posts or signatures?
Read BML page for special forum commands.

Do you plan to further upgrade the features of the Forums?
We would like to add additional features to the Forums when we have the time.

How do I search for my own posts?
In order to search for your own posts, click on the magnifying lense icon near your account name (once you've logged on, or near your account name when viewing one of your own posts), the magnifying lense can be used to search for other people's posts as well.


What are Avatars?
Avatars are special icons that appear next to posters names on their post. You can see a list of forum Avatars here.

How do I get an Avatar?
To receive a Warcraft III Avatar, log into the Forums with your Warcraft III account. Go here to see a list of avatars/icons and to also see how you can earn a better Warcraft III avatar.

Do you have plans to support Avatars for other games such as StarCraft and Diablo II?
Avatar support for Warcraft III was already built into our web site after we created our Warcraft III ladder web site. It will take some additional work to support avatars for other games. We certainly would like to add avatars for other games but do not have any estimate on when we will add additional features such as this.

Will you allow us to create our own Avatars?
No. While this is popular on other forums we would prefer to use our own pre-made avatars. We do not have the resources available to approve user-made avatars.

Will you provide us with a list of Avatars we can select?
It is certainly possible but we can't say for sure at this time.

How do I become a MVP?
To participate in Blizzard Entertainment's MVP program, one must be a positive influence to the forum community in helping other users, as well as regularly active. If you meet this criteria, and the support department views such actions on a regular basis, there is a possibility you may be asked to participate in the program. Very few people are chosen for this honorary role, which may be revoked by Blizzard at any time. Please do not contact us requesting to be a MVP. MVPs are not Blizzard Employees and do not represent Blizzard Entertainment.

Do MVPs have any Special Powers?
They get a special button to report bad posters. They get a special Avatar that only they have. They get a special icon when creating new posts. They cannot delete posts, or ban users.

Forum Moderation, Post Deletion, Bannings

I've found a post that violates the posting guidelines or is otherwise offensive. What can I do about this post?
You can report them here.

Is there a posting limit?
There is no posting limit but users who "spam" the forums by creating many new threads (more than 2 per page) or other types of spam will be banned from the forums. It's ok to respond to different post threads if the responses are not excessive, repeated, or annoying.

Who moderates the Forums?
There is no one person specifically tasked with moderating the forums, so many people within the company take on the responsibilities associated with maintaining our community boards. Typically a members of our Technical Support team and our Web team does most of the moderation.

Is Blizzard looking for fans to help moderate the Forums?
No. Sorry. You can help by reporting posts that violate the forum guidelines.

Who is responsible for deleting posts?
Although anyone at Blizzard is capable of deleting posts, only a few generally exercise that control.

How do you decide what is deleted?
The Posting Guidelines outline reasons why a post might be deleted. In addition to these reasons, posts that are off topic (do not apply to the main forum topic) are sometimes deleted, especially when they do not apply to computer games. Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to delete any messages at its sole discretion without prior warning or explanation. We also reserve the right to ban posters with severe or repeated violations.

Why was my post deleted?
Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to delete any messages at its sole discretion without prior warning or explanation. We do not typically explain deleted posts.

Why do you enforce the posting guidelines, delete posts and ban posters?
We are concerned about the content that is posted on our site. While we cannot prevent every "bad" post from showing up, we do our best to create a good environment for our forum readers.

Do you give warnings for forum rule violations?
Typically we do not give warnings. If you are temporarily banned from the forums, consider that our main warning. Other warnings may include a post being deleted, all posts being deleted from a forum. Note: just because a post is deleted doesn't mean it violated the forum rules.

How can I find out what rules I have violated?
Read: the Forum Guidelines, Forum Moderation and this F.A.Q. for more information. Blizzard does not give individual explanations on why posts are removed, accounts are closed, or posters are banned.

I seem to be banned from the Forums. What can I do?
Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to delete any messages at its sole discretion. Users who violate these posting guidelines may have their posts deleted and be banned from this site, without prior warning or explanation, at the sole discretion of Blizzard Entertainment. All bans are final, and we do not typically reverse these decisions.

I was temporarily banned from the forums
Please change your posting style. You will be allowed to post again once the ban has expired (varies). Further violations will result in a permanent ban.

But I was banned for no reason!
There is always a reason for posters being banned. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to every inquiry by posters that are banned. We do not typically provide explanations to banned users or un-ban such users on an individual basis. Posters are not banned by mistake.

Will you close our gaming accounts if we are bad on the forums?
We have had this ability since January 2002 but we have not yet used it. The most severe punishment for forum abuses so far is to be permanently banned from the forums. Posters can still read forum posts but they cannot create new forum posts. We will close accounts if we see posters with offensive account names. For more details read the Terms of Use.

Why do you lock threads?
This is an extra option for Forum Moderators that is an alternative to deleting a post. A forum thread is locked if:

  • The thread doesn't need any further responses
  • Blizzard is creating a sticky post that doesn't need responses or feedback
  • Posters abuse the forums by continuing to bring up dead/annoying topics that have run their course and won't go away.
  • Posters have had their say and now the issue is closed.

Forum Problems

Where can I report forum problems?
If you are having a problem, make sure you include your operating system, browser, and browser version in your error report and send it here. Note: you may not receive a response to your email but your report will help us out.

What are known bugs?

  • Error pages often shows when deleting a post. It still deletes the post though.
  • Sometimes responses are dumped out as new topics rather than being added to the original topic (bug from previous forums too)


Does Blizzard really read the Forums?
Yes! Many people within Blizzard regularly read the forums. Although you may not receive an individual response by a Blizzard employee your post probably has been read. Usually, it's the forums dedicated to the most recently released game, titles that are close to release and the General Forum that are browsed the most by the people in the company. Only a few employees have Blizzard Icons/Avatars and can make official Blizzard posts.

Which Blizzard employee's might I see on the Forums?
Anyone at Blizzard can post to the forums. While our Web team and Technical Support staff make up the majority of Blizzard posts, you may also see people on the development and teams posting to the forums. Keep in mind that Blizzard employees are working very hard at their jobs and do not usually have time to respond to individual posts on the forums. Our development teams' main focus is to develop games that our customers will enjoy. While we understand you would like to see more of them on the forums, we think you'll be much happier with the things they are able to accomplish during development. Also, although you will undoubtedly see posts from our Technical Support personnel, it is important to remember that Live Technical Support is not provided on the forums. You can check the Tech Support Forum for answers to common questions.

Why don't you use other commonly used web boards that support more features?
We created our own proprietary forum software to closely integrate with our website and web server software. While we do want to add some features to make the forums more robust, the software is performing quite well and we are quite happy with its performance. We understand our forums do not offer some of the common features that other boards offer but we are still happy with their basic functionality.

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