Some forums are moderated. Blizzard's Web team and Online Support monitor the moderated forums and delete posts that are off-topic or not appropriate for a particular forum, especially posts covered in the following section. Please read the following sections for information about commonly asked questions:
Common Questions
Please read Common Questions. Posts containing commonly asked questions might be deleted.

Game Problems or Problems
Please visit the Blizzard Technical Support Site or post your question about game or problems to the Open Tech Support Forum. Posts asking for Technical Support help or questions about bugs/problems do not belong in any other forum.

Where do I report Hacks/Cheats?
[email protected]. Do not post links to hack or cheat sites on the forums! Posters who link to hacks and cheats will be permanently removed from the forums with no warning.

Game or Bugs to Report?
Report bugs to Blizzard Tech Support. Do not post bugs to the forums. Blizzard Tech Support, will forward them to the correct department. Issues
Are you unable to log in with your account?

Release Dates
When does the next ____ patch come out? Read the Blizzard F.A.Q.. Posts asking when patches come out might be deleted.
When does "this game" really come out? Read the Blizzard F.A.Q..

Suggestions must be posted to the Suggestions Forum.

StarCraft Questions
Please post StarCraft related posts to StarCraft General Discussion

Common Diablo II Questions
*Please post Diablo II Messages such as rants, balance discussion, and general Diablo II discussion to Diablo II General Discussion.
*Please post Diablo II gameplay questions to Diablo II Gameplay Discussion.
*Diablo II skill questions must be posted to Diablo II Skill Discussion.
*Are the Diablo II realms up/down? Having problems? Post this type of messages to Open Tech Support.
*My Diablo II character is missing or player is not found.

Inappropriate forum account names will not be tolerated. If you use a defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive name, your account will be deleted, and you may be banned from posting. Names that attempt to impersonate Blizzard employees are also not acceptable. Please do not attempt to "steal" unique names of famous people for impersonation purposes.

Your signature must not contain objectionable content, either in text or by links to offensive sites. You cannot transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content. Users with offensive signatures may be warned, or they may have their accounts closed without warning.

Posts asking why posts were deleted, why accounts were closed, or why users are/were banned
Posts asking why posts are deleted will be deleted: "Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to delete any messages at its sole discretion, without prior warning or explanation." Posters that continue to complain about forum moderation may be removed from posting.

Web Page Advertisements
Web page advertisements must be for Blizzard related sites only. Please do not post them to more than one forum. Please do not post them to forums that are not related to your web site such as Diablo II web sites in the StarCraft forum. Non-related sites (if non-offensive) in your signature are ok. Users who spam their web site may be removed from posting.

Clan Advertisements
Clan Advertisements must be posted in the Clan Hall. Users that spam their clan advertisement may be removed from posting.

Please do not spam petitions to the forums. Petitions are not an effective way to voice your opinion. If you have a concern, contact Blizzard Tech Support.

Blizzard Questions
Although Blizzard moderates the forums, it is not possible for Blizzard to respond to every post and question. Posts asking Blizzard questions must still follow the guidelines in this section, meaning they must be on topic. Generally, it's best to direct questions to other users and "hope" a Blizzard person may respond.

Troll Topic
A troll post is a post not designed to ask a question but to generate outrage and flames from the fans. It is ok to state your opinion as long as it is not repeated more than once. Obvious troll posts will be deleted.

Easy Questions or questions in which the answer is easily available
An easy question is a question that has already been answered on the main posting page or several pages back. An easy question would be a question answered at the top of the forum. An easy question would be a question that is already covered in a FAQ. Please take the time to read the FAQs linked at the top of the forums before posting. Please do not waste people's time with things that are already answered.

Off Topic Posts
Posts must be on topic. Off topic posts will probably be deleted. If posters repeatedly ignore the forum topic, they may be removed from posting.

Spamming (repeating) the same post to multiple forums may result in a ban. Your access to may be revoked for posting frequent, repeated and/or annoying messages in the forums. This also includes responses to existing posts.

You should not create more than 2 new threads per forum page.

While there is no posting limit, users who spam the forums by

*creating many new threads
*responding to almost every post multiple times in forums
*posting the same responses over and over again
might be removed from the forums. If your posts are seen many many times on one forum page you are considered spamming.

Reposts/Repeated Question Posts/Double Posts
Please post a message/question only one time. Multiple posts/questions/reposts will probably be deleted. Repeated posts may result in you being removed from posting.

Responding to Posts
Please respond to the original post, or thread rather than creating a new post. This is even the case if a message has scrolled to an older page.

Personal messages
The forums are public message boards to talk about game issues. They should not be used for sending personal messages to other users. Please find some other method to do this such as email, instant messengers, IRC, and so on.

Bad Word Filter
Posters who attempt to bypass the bad word filter will be permanently banned from the site without warning.

Violating the Rules
If posters knowingly violate the rules, they will be permanently banned from posting with no warning.

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