Logging Into the Battle.net Forums
Enter an account name and corresponding password from one of your Battle.net-ready Blizzard games. This is the same account information that you use to play the multiplayer portion of Blizzard's games over the Battle.net gaming service. (If you have not yet created a Battle.net gaming-service account, please do so from within a Battle.net-ready Blizzard game.)

Next, select the correct gateway for this account (the gateway through which you access the Battle.net gaming service). For StarCraft, Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition, and Diablo II users, the correct gateway will be either USWest, USEast, or Europe. For Warcraft III users, the correct gateway will be either Lordaeron, Azeroth, or Northrend. If you do not select the same gateway that your account uses to access the Battle.net gaming service, you will not be able to log in to the forums properly.

Posting in the Battle.net forums also requires that you enter a valid CD key from a Blizzard product. General Battle.net forums require any Blizzard CD key. Game-specific Battle.net forums require a CD key from the corresponding game. So for example, in order to post in the Diablo II forums, you will have to have entered a Diablo II CD key. To continue the example, if you entered a Warcraft III CD key when you activated your account for the Battle.net forums, you will be able to post in the Warcraft III forums. But if you want to post in the Diablo II forums, you will be prompted to enter a valid Diablo II CD key the first time you attempt to do so. Also, when you access the forums from a computer other than the one you originally used to activate your account, you will be required to enter your CD-key information again (just the first time).

Please note that you should keep your passwords and CD keys secure at all times and not share them with anyone. Blizzard representatives will never ask you for a CD key. Please make sure you are only entering your password and CD key to access the forums found at www.battle.net/. Any other Web site or form that solicits your password and/or CD key could be doing so for illegitimate reasons.

Session Timeouts
Your forum session will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. After that point, you will have to log in to the forums again. For security reasons, there is no option to save your account and password.


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