"Blizzard Markup Language" (BML)
BML allows you to use some HTML codes to format on your posts like you would a web page. Most tags require both an opening and closing tag. If you do not correctly enclose your text with the correct command the BML will not work. These commands are not case sensitive so you can use either uppercase or lower case in the commands such as [b] or [B]. You can use the Preview Post option to test out formatting, or fix your post afterwards using the edit feature.

BML commands
"Text" in these examples can be replaced with whatever text you wish to format.

Function Syntax Result Alias
Bold Text [b]text[/b] text [bold]text[/bold]
Italic Text [i]text[/i] text [italic]text[/italic]
Bullet Point [li]text
  • text
  • [listitem]text
    Tabbed Bullet Points [ul]

  • text
  • text
    Underline [u]text[/u] text [underline]text[/underline]
    Quote [quote]text[/quote] specially formatted text with a "quote" label  
    Preformatted Text [PRE]Text[/PRE] Displays text spacing as-is  

    Preformatted Text [PRE]
    Displays text spacing as-is. This is useful if you have created text that must be lined up correctly If you're trying to create a diagram using text or something similar. [Pre] prevents the text from being modified when people change the size of their web browser. The text will be formatted exactly how you type it.


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