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Who is responsible for The Warcraft III Strategy Guide?
The Warcraft III Strategy Guide is maintained by the Blizzard Headquarters Web Team: GFraizer (Nebu) - Content, MHein (Indoflaven), TPark (Warblade!) - Graphics/Layout/HTML, Fans have also been helpful in contributing information. Major contributors listed on the Credits page.

Where can I send Game Suggestions?
If you have Game Suggestions you must post them to the Forums. We cannot accept suggestions via email. For more details on this read the Legal FAQ. The web address is not for game suggestions; it's for web related issues. The purpose of this guide is to explain how the game works, not to search for feedback on how to improve the game.

When might this guide be updated?
Currently we update it to correct mistakes or announce Tournament news.

Where can I report bugs in Warcraft III or problems with
Report bugs to Blizzard Tech Support.

Where can I ask Questions about Warcraft III?
Answers for individual questions can best be answered by asking on the forums or looking at the Blizzard Fan Sites.

Some of this guide seems biased towards a particular race?
Blizzard loves all the races equally. But the people who create and work on the strategy guide can only do so based on their experience and the races they play. So there might be more information on a certain race than another based on that experience. Someday we hope to have more people that work on our strategy guide so we can offer more complete coverage. But keep in mind that the guide is free and accept it as much. Most people would charge for such a guide. This guide is pretty great considering only one person creates the content with minor fan help.

Can you list the bonuses for the weapon, armor, and ranged upgrades?
No because they vary depending on the unit. Each unit has the possibility of receiving a different amount of bonus. To find out the bonus for each unit consult the individual unit stats for the unit in question.

Ranges in this guide
You may find that the game lists ranges with an extra 0. This is because the game data files store the longer numbers and sometimes display that way in game. This guide will not be listing those longer numbers at this time. A unit in the game for example may say a range of 600 while the guide says 60.

The Disease Aura description for the Meat Wagon mentions the Abomination and vice versa.
Yes. It does.

Do you have any plans for a strategy guide for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos?
This guide will apply to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Some things in this guide may not apply to Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. Sorry but we don't have the resources or time to maintain two separate versions of this guide. Many things will apply to Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. We have found that classic versions of strategy guides are only viewed by a small number of people so we need to go where the action is.

Can you mark Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne info as "Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Only" ?
We have tried that in the past and it hasn't worked out. So no. Sorry. We may do that in a few places in the guide.

Stats on your web site differ from my game. Why?
Make sure you are using the latest version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. If you're using Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (classic) the stats will differ.

I've noticed that some of the screenshots show outdated units or interface
The point of the screenshots are to demonstrate strategy. If that still happens we don't update the shots even if they show old units or interface.

Why do some units have both Spell Immunity and Resistant Skin?
Resistant Skin gives the unit hero magic resistance. It reduces damage dealt by offensive spells and reduces duration of hostile spells as well as prevents usage of abilities that don't work on creeps of level 6+ (like Aerial Shackles, Polymorph, Possession, Charm and Doom). Spell immunity makes the unit immune to spells.

Can you list single-player strategies?
Many of the strategies in this guide can be used in single-player. If you want an excellent guide for single-player you should consider purchasing the Brady guide. The creators of Mojo StormStout's Strategy guide helped contribute to the Warcraft III Brady guide.

Can you list all the hot keys?
We have found with previous guides that hot key pages are not very popular so there are no plans to do one at this time. You can find hot key lists on Blizzard Fan Sites.

Two Assassins on the Neutral Buildings Page?
Some Mercenaries are listed more than once on the Neutral Buildings page because they are available in two separate Mercenary Camps. That page isn't a list of all the Mercenaries, it lists what you will find in each Mercenary Camp.

Creep Spells
"I've noticed that some Creep Spells are different than they are for the units such as with Endurance and Unholy Aura." Yes, some Creep Spells may have the same names and icons as spells for regular units but have totally different functions.

How can I make the Credits page?
Those who ask shall not receive. The Credits page lists those who continue to give valuable corrections and information without looking for a reward.

Can you create a news archive page?
In the past, we found that players did not utilize our news archive page, so we decided that it is not a good addition to the webpage.

Can I take the Graphics and Content from this site and use it on my web site?
No. Please link to our site instead. Feel free to take statistical data such as formulae, items, and stats however. It would be nice and proper if you link to us saying where you got it.

Are there any plans to put the information in this guide into one big downloadable file?

I know you say there are no plans to put the information in this guide into one big downloadable but will you do it?

How do I take screenshots?
Hold down Control and hit the Print Screen button. This button is located to the right of the F12 key on most keyboards. The screenshot will be placed in the Screenshots directory in the Warcraft III directory as "**.tga." Use a picture viewer program to view the screenshots, or you can download and register ACDSee, the image viewer of choice for us.

I am having problems displaying pages with Netscape 4.XX
You should upgrade to the latest version of Netscape 6.0 and up. Some pages may not display correctly with Netscape 4.

Can I translate your site into another language if no such site exists?
No. Aside from the confusion it might cause our customers, we would have no control over the quality, accuracy or content of such translated sites. You do not have permission to reproduce this site in other languages.

Submitting Screenshots
If you feel you have a screenshot that would help illustrate something in this guide you can submit it to us and we may use it. Screenshots should be in 800x600x32 or greater resolutions (higher the better), and should be sent non modified in their original *.tga format. The camera should probably be at the default camera angle unless the shot is somehow helped by zooming in. It's ok if you zip them up but you don't have to. Send them here.

Do you have additional information or strategy that would be useful in the Warcraft III Strategy Guide?
Feel free to contribute additional information or strategies to the guide. We may add them if we feel they would be helpful to the guide and agree. But we will not add everything that is submitted. Contribute Here.

Where can I report corrections, spelling, grammar, or problems with the Warcraft III Strategy Guide?
We are glad to get your help on our guide. But we ask that you follow some rules. This will ensure that our time is not wasted investigating bogus or wrong reports.

  • Include your nickname when reporting errors just in case it's added to the credit page.
  • When reporting problems, please be sure to list the link or URL of the page with the problem, the problem sentence (so we can search for it), and your suggested change (reworded sentence). It's sometimes hard to pick the error out if you do not tell us what it is. We're not English majors, but are instead programmers =) If the error is just one word you can point out just that word.

    Here is an example of a perfect report from our Editing Knight Dengin:

    Have As Many Units As Possible Attacking The Same Enemy
    If a unit cannot easily **reach a target the preferred target**, instruct it to attack the nearest enemy
    correction: If a unit cannot easily **reach the preferred target**, instruct it to attack the nearest enemy
    Mojo Comments: The link is listed; the sentence is listed for easy searching through our files; the error is pointed out; and the correction is listed. Note: our email system only allows plain text so any underlining, colors, or other HTML supported features will not work. Please use characters such as *** to point out errors. Basically cut and paste the URL (hit Enter after the URL to make it a link) along with the sentence you're reporting (unless it's something like item stats), and include your screenshot (if items or stats, etc). Note: you have to press Enter after pasting the link for it to be a link (typically).

  • This strategy guide is for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Only. Stats may differ from Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. If you're reporting errors in the guide you must be using Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Make sure you are using the 1.10 version or higher of the game.
  • Please check the current version of the site for the errors and do not report errors from pages that you have saved to your hard drive. These pages are outdated and the mistakes you report might already be fixed.
  • Please send one email per web page you're reporting rather than one long email with tons of page changes. So if you find a bunch of errors on one page, send one email with a link and the errors on that page. If there are multiple errors on one page, you may include them all in one email. If you have another page to report, send a new email.
  • Please do not report errors unless you are sure you are right. Submit evidence (screenshots) if possible if the information in game conflicts with the guide. Error reports without screenshots may be ignored. This is not necessary if there is a clear typo, spelling mistake or so on with the guide. This is only necessary if you are saying that the game says one thing while the Warcraft III Guide says another. You do not need to send us screenshots of our own web site. Just send us the link or URL and the problem sentence and suggested change.
  • Please use the link at the bottom of this page to report errors rather than responding to our emails or manually putting in our email address. This allows us to filter mail to the proper place.
  • If you have a display problem, list your Browser name and version.
  • Make sure you include a URL to the page with the problem. We don't have time for an investigation to discover the page you're trying to talk about.
  • Please do not post Warcraft III Strategy Guide feedback/errors to the forums. Your post may be missed and web errors have no place on the forums. If you report via the below link your emails will be seen.
  • "Nit-picking Issues:" We don't mind receiving "nit-picking issues", especially if they are grammar or spelling-related, but we may not have time to change things if they really don't need to be changed.
  • Please don't use that "first paragraph, third sentence, third word" standard editor way of reporting errors. We don't like it =) If you include the sentence (cut and paste) we can find it much faster. Sometimes our pages are made up of multiple pages being loaded into one page which makes finding errors more difficult using the "first paragraph, third sentence, third word" method.
Please note that the Web email address is for Warcraft III Strategy Guide only and that mails on any other issues related to Warcraft III such as bugs, problems, should be sent to Blizzard Tech Support. Emails that do not relate directly to the web site will be deleted so if you want your email to be heard and responded to, send it to the right place (Blizzard Tech Support).

Report errors in Warcraft III Strategy Guide (and Warcraft III Strategy Guide only) here. Again this address is not for problems with the game, it's for problems with the web site.

Thanks to those of you that read this completely and follow our rules and F.A.Q.s. You save us time.

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